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Learn Concepts from A-Z

Our courses cover concepts step-by-step, making it beginner friendly. You won’t have to refer other resources when you are part of the DevArsenal community.


Learn anywhere, anytime

We teach courses with professional, real-world projects. However, you can watch the lectures at your own pace!


Build an impressive portfolio

We guide our members throughout the course projects that can be easily included as a part of the job portfolio.


Lifetime access to the courses

We aspire to build a community that can grow with us. The DevArsenal community will have unlimited access to purchased courses, blogs and resource materials.

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You'll learn everything from beginner to expert level through our comprehensive courses, which have 35+ hours (and counting) of lessons available round the clock.




Our private DevArsenal Discord Community is open 24/7 to assist and share knowledge with every member of the community.



Today's digital technology industry is constantly growing, and our courses are updated on a regular basis to match the demands of the industry.


Is DevArsenal for me?

DevArsenal is the platform for you if:

You don’t want to spend $10000+ on a coding bootcamp but you have the passion to improve your abilities to get hired or create products

You're eager to gain the latest skills required to keep up with the current trend, which are in high demand by tech companies.

You’ve finally realized that free tutorials would not provide you with any clarity on any specific topic. And now you are ready to invest in yourself.

You want to gain real-world experiences with specifically designed projects that teach you how to deal with the needs.

DevArsenal is not the platform for you if:

You don’t want to spend time learning topics, but you do want to know where to get web materials to copy and paste. We’re sorry, but we don’t teach it here!

You don’t want practical knowledge by working on real-world projects, but you want to work on random projects.

You’re not willing to invest in yourself, but looking for the cheapest way to gain knowledge.

You still believe tutorials on YouTube that are titled like - “want to learn coding for free?”

Hear from our students🎙


Best experience

Sai explains everything extremely clearly and does not make any assumptions about your past knowledge. The regular reminders that it's good to be a novice and that you're not intended to comprehend everything right away are really encouraging, and it seems like my hand is being held throughout the learning process.

- Louise, France


Learned a ton!

I highly suggest this course to anybody interested in web design... Very neatly planned, and every detail was meticulously explained... This course is ideal for a newbie like myself who wants to create a beautiful website from the ground up!

- Jeffrey, India


Take it if you are serious

Sai, I thoroughly loved your course. Everything is very detailed, theory + practical application. I can't believe I built a whole website using your directions! Thank you very much, and I will purchase your future courses as well! Cheers!

- Natalie, US


Frequently Asked Question

How long do I have access to the course(s)?


All our courses have lifetime access with free updates. So to answer to your question - we are always open to our customers.

Are these courses for me?


The majority of our students work in, or aspire to work in the tech industry.

We do have a significant number of students who are not in tech industry who are learning with us. We are the right fit for you if you prefer to learn in a creative, hands-on manner.

For further details about our courses, ask our team in the chat box in the right bottom. We'll be happy to help you!

How do I contact course support?


We provide support in the form of comments under every course lecture. Besides that, you can gain access to our Private Discord Community with students from across the world. We encourage our students to interact with each other to build a strong community.

If you've a specific lecture based question - Post them in the comment sections, under the lectures.

If you have payment related queries - email us at

What payment methods are available for purchasing the course(s)?


We accept credit, debit or ATM cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) or payment via PayPal

If you face any kind of technical issue in the payment process, please do reach us via email at

Is there a student discount?


YES! YES! and YES! We do offer a discount on our regularly priced individual courses to current students all over the world. All we need is a valid proof – send a photo of your valid student ID (valid date should be visible) to, and we'll send you a secret link that will apply the discount at checkout.

Please note: Student discounts do not apply to courses or products that have already been discounted. Only the highest discount available on a given date will be applied.

My schedule might be hectic at times. Do I have to finish the course(s) by a certain date?


No! Absolutely not. Most of our students work full-time. And that's the reason why all our courses are LEARN ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

If you need to take a break, go for it. When you’re ready, the course(s) will be waiting for you.

Most online schools provide restricted access to course(s) and will disable access if you do not show up within a certain number of days. However, we believe that once you purchased it, the course(s) should be yours forever. There is no tension or strain!

Do you provide refunds or exchanges if I discover that the course(s) isn't useful to me?


Yes we do offer refunds and exchanges!

All courses that are incomplete will be eligible for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.

Remember that with lifetime access, you can return to the course(s) anytime you're ready, and we're always there to assist you understand the content if you get stuck on a subject.

If you're not sure if a course is suitable for you, reach out to our team; we're here to help you find the ideal learning path for you.

Course Exchanges:

If a course isn't appropriate for you and you'd want to swap it, we'll offer a one-time exchange within 7 days of purchase. Only one course exchange is permitted, and swaps must be for courses of comparable value.

However, we can offer you a course upgrade. Just email us at, we can provide you a purchase link for the course with the price difference and get that set up for you.

What are the hours of operation for DevArsenal's customer support?


We usually reply back within few hours depending on the traffic. Failing which, we will reach you back via email.

Can I watch the courses offline?


Unfortunately we don’t give this provision. The reason is because, we value your investment and we do not want any sort of loophole for course piracy. Hope that makes sense!

When does the course start and finish?


The course begins after your purchase and never stops! We offer totally self-paced online courses; you determine when to begin and when to complete it.

Can I include the project to my portfolio?


YES! YES!! YES!!! You will be able to access and utilize all of the projects as soon as you join DevArsenal. We strongly advise you to construct the projects alongside the course so that you will know what is what. Do you see where we're going? During interviews! Not only that, but you may show off your skills as a freelance developer to potential clients.

How long will it take me to go from novice to expert and get hired or start freelancing?


This solely depends on how much of your time you can spend learning and practicing things. We suggest you to replicate some of your favorite websites using the technologies we are going to use in the course, and add additional functions to them and see how they fit. That way you can get really close to your goals. However, your efforts will decide how much distance you can cover.

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